At Distinction Furniture we take seriously our environmental responsibilities and the impact of all company activities on the environment. We aim to craft high-quality furniture at competitive prices, limiting the damage done to our planet.

We are committed to addressing and decreasing our environmental impact wherever possible, in day-to-day operations and throughout the manufacturing cycle. We renew this commitment annually, consistently researching and adapting the way in which we produce our products and navigate our business, using new information to inform our material and manufacturing choices.


Changing our Design and Manufacturing Processes

We have moved to a 90% digital design process, reducing the necessity for printed materials wherever possible and using paper made from recyclable materials where hard copies are necessary. 

Over the last few years, we have adapted our design process to include a thorough investigation into the materials we use to manufacture and encouraged our suppliers the world over to do the same. As a result of our commitment to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment, we only manufacture using timbers from FSC certified sources.

We now utilise eco packaging consistently throughout the company, such that we have ceased shipping goods with polystyrene and plastic wherever possible, using alternative recyclable materials such as cardboard and wooden crates instead.



We are working to reduce our carbon footprint 

Where possible, we aim to reduce the carbon emissions on imported goods by committing to shipping only full containers of product, meaning we will only ship when it is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, unless urgently required, we will not transfer product via air freight.

We also aim to minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. We are continually pursuing the use of innovative machinery and tools that reduce our carbon footprint and minimise damage to the environment. Any remaining materials are used to create new and original products that can serve a purpose. 

Looking to The Future

Importing goods is a fundamental part of what keeps our business running. However, we are the first to acknowledge that the impact of freighting goods internationally is incredibly detrimental to the environment. Moving forward, we are devoted to finding a way to consciously offset our importation emissions.


One of our top priorities for the coming months is to source a suitable alternative to medium density fibreboard, ultimately reducing the formaldehyde emissions expressed into the air.

We will also be investigating switching to all recyclable and recycled plastic over the coming years. We have been working with and trying to encourage a change in the approach to packaging for our international factories. 

Most excitingly, we have begun working in collaboration with fabric houses who have developed lines of unique fabrics made from recycled materials.