The perfect mix of styles and how to introduce them faultlessly

Let’s be honest, when it comes to choosing a style for your client’s home, you should never have to pick just one! It’s definitely one of the hardest decisions, especially with the ever-changing trends. When speaking with our clients we often find that they are drawn to more than just the one design and style and while mixing styles can be intimidating, it’s something that should be encouraged. Who doesn’t love the way different layers and textures of design bring dimension to a space?


Here are 3 tips we recommend when it comes to mixing up your styles:



When looking to integrate two or more styles to a home, many peoples' first instinct is to separate them entirely, sticking to dispersed corners or even different rooms. However, we’re here to argue that blending your styles together, rather than separating them can make for a more curated, meticulously finished product. When it comes to mixing different styles, textures and patterns together, the key element to focus on is combining them to create an aesthetically pleasing balance to the environment.





In order for everything to mesh together harmoniously when layering different design styles in one area, it’s important to find and maintain a common theme. Selecting a component such as a colour palette or texture to apply throughout the interior certainly does help in creating a dimensional but also cohesive look.





Nevertheless, if you decide that mixing styles through furniture pieces is not the direction you want to go towards, layering through décor, textiles and also art pieces, is definitely an option you should pursue when it comes to interior design. Layering allows room for building upon and is perfect if your client is one to constantly update their home to keep up with the latest crazes and prevalent styles. A good way to begin with layering dissimilar styles is by starting with a base color for your foundational pieces, ideally in one style that has longevity and then layering them with decorative pieces and accessories to softly infuse the different styles together tastefully.


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