Renting? Invest in quality furniture, create your home.

The ever-growing number of rental properties in London shows Londoners moving around the city more than ever before. With statistics revealing the likelihood of a huge 60% of Londoners to be renting by 2025*, more and more city dwellers are frequently in search of their for-now-not-forever home. 

A growing increase of short-term residency means that creating your dream home is prolonged and the developing ability to tolerate a landlord's choice of interiors is a necessary skill. And unless you’re fortunate enough to have the freedom to decorate to your taste in every rental property you reside in, - decorating an interior that is certain to be a temporary home makes it an illogical investment.


This is where being a loose furniture retailer, or an interior designer with a penchant for furnishing rental properties can really come good. You are a knight in shining armour for renters, providing them with all the tools to make a house a home, without altering the property's original features. 




Without the ability to hang shelves, or build wardrobes into the foundational structure of the building, finding storage solutions for rental properties is of the utmost importance.

Alternative storage facilities that are perfect for renters include chest-of-drawers, tallboys and sideboards. We know that holding expansive stock of these larger items can be a problem for smaller retailers. Without a warehousing facility, there is a limit on the capacity you can carry. Dropshipping accounts allow you to order directly from wholesalers, who have the facilities to hold the stock you do not.

Diversifying your room sets in your showroom, on your site and in your photography is a unique way of encouraging your customers to expand the way they are considering storage options. Sideboards, in particular, seem to have been relegated to just dining rooms. But using them as increased height TV Units is a great way to make use of their abundance of storage in your living room as well. 


Investing in a decent dining table is arguably one of the most valid pieces of advice you can give to any customer, renting or otherwise. It's a piece of furniture that will see a great deal of use in its lifetime, from raucous dinner parties to Children's homework clubs. It is a fundamental statement of the home, one that is unaffected by whether or not you are renting or buying. This means that your customers are free to purchase in whatever style they like, making a real investment, not just into their current property but in all their foreseeable future properties.

In this case, it's not so much about displaying a huge amount of variety when it comes to tables, but about curating your collection to include durable and beautiful statement pieces. Think about including luxurious finishes like ceramics and marbles, as well as sturdy solid wood tops. 


Even for homeowners space isn't always in abundance and it's hardly like the majority of the population could afford to extend their houses even if their name was on the deed. But for renters, monopolising the space you have is of even more importance. 

Incorporating storage into the must-have pieces of furniture, like sofas with ottoman footstools or storage bases is a great way to maximise storage without increasing household clutter and taking up limited space. The benefit of using wholesalers and suppliers with bespoke services or additional options is that you can tailor an order to your client's utilitarian needs, without compromising on aesthetic desires. Short on bedroom space? Offer your customers the option of an additional sofa bed mechanism built into their sofa. 














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