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The ever growing number of rental properties in London shows Londoners moving around the city more than ever before. With statistics revealing a scary 60% of Londoners to be renting by 2025*, more and more city dwellers are frequently in search of one home to the next.

 A growing increase of short-term residency, means that creating your dream home is prolonged and the developing ability to tolerate a landlord's choice of interior is a necessary skill. And unless you’re fortunate enough to have the freedom to decorate to your taste in every rental property you reside in, - decorating an interior that is assured to be temporary home makes it an illogical investment.

 So that’s why we’re here to help advise you! Through a series of blogs we’re going to give you top tips on how to make wise decorative investments you can grow old with.


We’re starting with your DINING TABLE.

 These larger than life tables are pillar ingredients for your interiors. They can be a heavy and costly purchase, depending on what you’re looking for. The variety of dining tables is endless but it should remain exemplary in simplicity. Here are examples of great dining table ranges that will last you your lifetime; through various jobs, frequent moves, and through the years.


Durable and significantly bold tables.



Gordon Deep WoodThis 8cm thick Canaletto Walnut is a great example of a durable and gorgeous table that will last as long as you allow. Adjoined with the sleek geometric metal base this table is a masterpiece for any interior and would be great for any home you move to.                                                                                                                                          

            ELLIOT KERAMIK

Not Looking to cater for so many people?












Smaller, round tables are handy when space is more of a concern. They’re a little more intimate than a long rectangular table and are also great for playing cards. Here we have CARIOCA a 15mm glass top table with it’s base in solid Canaletto walnut wood.

CORTINA                                                                                            PLISSET


Extendible Tables



An extendible table is the ultimate renters first choice...but why not extend in style?! These extendible tables are lovely, simple tables that gorgeously work both small and large.

ELLIOT KERAMIK DRIVE                                                                                              DAYTONA


 Mini Diners

Your humble abode may only ever seat 2 maximum for every dinnertime. So if a large table doesn’t suit your needs, then go small. A small dining table is still a great investment for the future and because these are much easier to manoeuvre they can be used for more than just in the home.

NEMO DRIVE                                                                                     RALPH BISTROT

XOM KERAMIK                                                                          RALPH KERAMIK


Or if you fancied to go as small as the

Hugo Bistrot…A perfectly formed table for any small kitchen / diner. These tables are always very handy to have around and if you have the space why not get more than one.



With a lacquered finish this is also a great table to clean!


BIRA BIRA                                                                                   ROGER


Remember, dining tables are a great pillar for any home – they are a gathering spot for friends and family as well as a masterpiece in a room. Whatever interior your new home may bring, a great dining table will conquer its surroundings and will retain its history with you from move to move. 


 Upcoming blog: Furniture investments when renting your home > Chairs ‘to go’.





 *stats via Telegraph online















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