Hygge and Lagom

First it was Hygge and now it’s Lagom. It seems here in Britain we can’t get enough Scandinavian design in our homes, whether it’s from the clever compartmentalising of our life into a TLS (Tiny London Studio) or chucking everything into the attic in order to achieve that non-cluttered, well put-together look and create the impression you have your life totally figured out.

But who spends the most time in your home? Most likely you! So your home should be the way that you want, which is what Hygge and Lagom really mean.

Hygge is a Danish word and can be described as a quality of cosiness and comfort that encourages a feeling of contentment or well-being.

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount".

The best thing about both of these words is that it doesn’t matter how big or small your house is, what shapes it is or even when it was built, both Hygge and Lagom work everywhere.

This is one of our favourite Hygge/Lagom designs due to its simplicity. It’s great to spend time in and stretch out, especially with the use of white walls and natural light bouncing around, a clear space makes for a clear mind and this is one such design that does just that. Another way to clear your head after a busy day and achieve Hygge is to be at one with nature, but you don’t need to go looking for it if it’s already in your home. With various plants dotted through-out and the expansive Scandinavian landscape prints you can breathe deep, relax and enjoy the view.


Another of our favourite designs for those living in smaller spaces or with less natural light is this living room design. It’s definitely Hygge with the plump cushions, woollen throw and scented candles. We love the prints on the walls and cushions suggestive of the Scandinavian landscape. Again there is always a connection to nature in the room with plants and images relating to outdoors such as the Deer print above.  

Lastly, we absolutely adore this room. It really is a complete Hygge/Lagom makeover. Everything in the room says Scandinavian, from the open log fire to the bare wood throughout (including the quirky palate bed). The use of lime green in throws and cushions is a great way to suggest nature if you’re not the most green fingered, along with the large print of forest at the back of the room. The off grey walls to contrast with the natural light and the whitewashed wooden flooring. The bedside tables are made from a cross cut of a tree, again suggesting that homemade wholesome Swedish - Danish feeling. This design is an example of Hygge and Lagom working even in a classically built home.

Here are some tips for turning your home into the perfect Hygge/Lagom retreat.

Floors: Always try to opt for wooden flooring, preferably in light colours. Or if changing the flooring isn’t an option, look for a large rug in the shape of a hide.

Walls: White or cool colours such as pale grey or blue work perfectly to make the room look bigger and really give that Scandinavian air feeling.

Furniture: Quality, style and a little bit of home-made are the perfect recipe. Combine sleek, straight wall units both closed and open with bare wooden free standing furniture to really get the look. The space between the furniture is really important too. Try to create as much floor space as you can, this may mean buying smaller furniture if you live in a small property.  

Clutter: Everything in a Scandinavian home must be useful. Anything that isn’t is usually gotten rid of (in an eco-friendly manner!) unless it adds to the interior in some way such as plants or carefully selected prints here and there, or general items which make the owner feel specifically ‘Hygge’.

Accessories: Not too many but just the right amount or ‘Lagom’ is ideal. Add accessories with various textures such as rugs, cushions, throws and prints. Plants are also a great addition, especially as Scandinavian design places an emphasis on connecting to nature for health and well-being. Candles- especially scented are great for relaxing and evoking memories.

Lighting: Bring as much natural light in as you can. For those without much, carefully selected lighting is great, especially the popular naked bulbs with cage encasing in metal or chrome (or even rose gold!). Soft Lighting for the evening is also a good idea, choose floor standing lamps with large soft cream/white shades.

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