Functional Spaces: Designing a Work From Home Space

Working from home may be a foreign concept to some. Independent retailers, for example, who work round the clock to keep their showrooms afloat will not be familiar with the likes of flexi-time and home offices. But eCommerce retailers and interior designers are as likely to consider their living room space as much for work as it is for relaxation. 

According to a report from Global Workplace Analytics, telecommuting rates have increased by 115% in the last decade. And whilst the saying goes “home is where the heart is”, your office can also be wherever you are, at any given time. For those unfamiliar with the concept, now is a perfect time to get acquainted. With 3.9 million workers connecting remotely from their own homes, retailers and designers alike are provided with the perfect opportunity to broaden their product selections to include all the details that make a house an office. 

The obvious place to begin when building a home office is with a desk. A large percentage of your professional clientele will not have the space to dedicate an entire room into a home office, but working from bed is not conducive to productivity. And while your customers may be forced to constrain themselves to the bedroom, a great desk can function to designate one specific area of the room for work. 

Current trends lean towards mid-century modern desks, in Scandinavian inspired softwood finishes. However, it is incredibly lucrative for retailers to display a broad selection of desks, from industrial to contemporary. Each and every customer will differ in their requirements for a desk, be it style, storage or compactness. For the work from home crowd, they will likely spend more time at their desk than they will in their bed. Their desks need to be appealing enough to distract from the overwhelming pull of the bed itself. 

Despite being a space designated for work, home offices should still be considered as a part of your clients home. Going bold with their choice of chair is an easy way to add character and colour to a setup. The privilege of working from home is that it allows professionals a break from the clinical uniformity of working offices. Encourage the opportunity to be adventurous within office spaces by suggesting statement chairs in bold fabrics. 

Specifically, within the creative industry, it’s useful to build a space that will keep you inspired throughout the day. The addition of colour and character can increase productivity tenfold. Particularly for working spaces, rather than separate offices, building an immersive space is vital to improving concentration. Implementing artwork is a great suggestion for clients to bring life into space. Offering a diverse range of paintings, prints and framed artworks is a great way to improve your revenue on smaller orders that originally may have only included a singular desk and chair. 

Wholesalers for art and prints are a fundamental part of running a retail or interior design business. More often than not they take care of framing the pieces, an element of supplying and selling artwork that can be quite costly and confusing. 

The most fundamental piece of advice we can offer for retailers, that will make implementing the demand for home offices a reality for your business, is dropship accounts. Dropshipping is the easiest way to offer your clients a diverse range of products without holding an extortionate amount of stock. It cuts out the middle man, making the shipping and logistic elements of your business a walk in the park. 


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