Best in Show: Furnishing The Perfect Show Home

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Don’t we all love walking into a show home and imagining ourselves living amongst the luxury? For property developers, the show home is in many ways as important as the building's structure. It is, after all, a large factor in clinching those all-important sales. The aim is to ignite a specific feeling in potential buyers, a lasting effect, where they are still dreaming about what their lives could be like if they were living in such a home long after their viewing.

When it comes to furnishing show homes, the goal is to make an impact on the viewer, leaving them unable to forget this perfect home.  

The hallway is the first thing people see when entering any house. The familiar expression “first impressions count” is definitely applicable when it comes to this part of the home. Having a one of a kind hallway, with an abundance of light, will set the tone of what people can expect when looking through the remainder of the house.

As we know, not all hallways boast a lot of space, but this can be tackled by adding vibrant accessories. Adding a simple mirror can maximise any light that is coming in and will also serve to extend the hallway.

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The kitchen is one of the most loved rooms in the house, the heart of the home and the place families spend most of their time together.  As well as looking luxurious and inviting, it should also feel comfortable and homely.

To give the kitchen that wow factor, keep to one trend throughout. This year we’ve seen many different kitchen trends, but one that seems to have been the most pervasive is dark stone counter tops and dark cabinets. Whilst dark cabinets and countertops have been around since the early 2000’s, it’s testament to their popularity that they are still just as prevalent. This seasons modern take on dark colours leans towards forest greens and denim hued blues. When it comes to making the kitchen stand out, consider colour contrast, modern functionality and statement pieces and textures.

Against the dark countertops and cabinets, it’s important to inject a pop of light. Adding a statement pendant light above a dining table or kitchen island will give the room a warm and contrasting glow. 

As a rule, evenings in our own homes are spent lazing in the lounge after a long day at work, but it can be tricky to emulate these relaxed and homely comforts in an uninhabited show home. This room, as well as the bedroom, needs to be one of the most comfy and inviting rooms in the house.

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Consider using tactile and soft upholstery, encouraging potential buyers to touch and get in amongst the room. Textures are a great way to immerse your clients in a show home. Another way to replicate home comforts is by adding cushions. A few of them. Having a selection of trendy cushions adds colour and character to the room and creates a luxurious look and feel.

Lighting is another crucial point when it comes to the lounge. Having the perfect lighting creates a welcoming and relaxing ambience. By adding statement lighting fixtures, like a classic pendant or chandelier alongside a few accented table lamps, it will give the buyer an opportunity to see the potential options for lighting the space.  

When it comes to decorating any bedroom, it’s all about prioritizing comfort and at first glimpse of the room your client should instantly feel that.

There are many things you can do in a show home bedroom that can give you that warm and welcoming feel you get from your own bedroom. The bedroom is one of the few rooms you can alter depending on the different trends that are occurring at that moment in time. Investing in accessories and trinkets is a useful and inexpensive way to keep your show home looking stylish.

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One way you can achieve an on trend show home, is by introducing layers in the room. This includes adding different throws and linens. This will create a lavish yet lived in feel within the room, whilst again using texture to immerse the client in the space.

Walls can talk. Utilizing wall space is a great way to avoid dead space in a show home, that might feel sterile and distract potential buyers. By adding an accent wall or distinctive wall art it can turn any dull wall, into a wall of elegance.

It’s important not to forget the windows. Where there are windows there is an opportunity for style and you can make the most of this by fitting an elegant roman blind, or increasingly popular window shutters to emphasise the bedroom’s full potential.  


Written by Millie Sheasby 

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