vendor_sku,product title,quantity_available,
SR-LUSTRO-NIGHTSTAND,Lustro Nightstand,-12,
SR-LUSTRO-CONSOLETABLE,Lustro Console Table,-1,
SR-DESK-BORI,Bori Desk,0,
SR-ARMCHAIR1-GREY,Arlo Armchair - Dove Grey,5,
SR-DININGCHAIR1,Set of 2 Pamina Dining Chairs,1,
SR-3SEATERSOFA-GREY1,Aubyn 3-Seater Sofa - Dark Grey,3,
DE0001-PL,Ophelia Desk,0,
SR-LUSTRO-COFFEE,Lustro Coffee Table,3,
SR-TVUNIT-WHITE&GREY1,Alexis TV Unit - White & Grey,2,
MLP-DCH0001,Set of 2 Ala Dining Chairs - Taupe,13,
SR-BLUEVELVETARMCHAIR1,Delilah Armchair - Blue Velvet,11,
SR-DININGTABLE-ELLINOR,Ellinor Dining Table,2,
P1703DS,Lustro Chest of Drawers,0,
SR-PEARL-ARMCHAIR-1,Pearl Loveseat - Pink,0,
SR-LOUNGECHAIR1,Debonaire Armchair - Grey,7,
SR-GREYWATERPROOFARMCHAIR1,Delilah Armchair - Grey Velvet,3,
SR-SIDEBOARD-MILO,Milo Sideboard,17,
SR-BEDSIDETABLE-BIANCA,Bianca Nightstand,-5,
SR-CT0014,Else Side Table,7,
SR-SIDETABLE-TAVI,Tavi Side Table,17,
SR-MARLEY-KINGBED,Elsa Bed - King,12,
SR-SC-LOUNGECHAIR2,Tennyson Armchair - Pearl,0,
SR-DESK-ELSA-BLACKOAK,Elsa Desk - Black Oak,0,
MLP-LCH0001,Atticus Armchair - Blue,3,
SR-TEALPOUFFE,Francis Pouffe - Teal,14,
SR-2SEATERSOFA1,Agnes 3-Seater Sofa,-2,
SR-GOLDFRAME1500X500MIRROR1,Juno Mirror,0,
SR-ARMCHAIR-CYRIL-BEIGE,Cyril Armchair - Beige,8,
SR-2SEATERSOFA2,Rollo 3-Seater Sofa,0,
SR-GUSTAV-2SS-GREEN-1,Gustav 2-Seater Sofa - Forest Green,-2,
PR099,Oil Painting,-2,
SR-CT0005,Cielo Side Table,2,
CT-316,Elvi Side Table,2,
SR-CT0010/11,Set Of 2 Talora Side Tables,3,
SR-COFFEETABLE-MARMORI,Marmori Coffee Table,17,
SP16-73,Lunato Coffee Table - Walnut,1,
P1316ET,Holvi Side Table,3,
SR-LOUNGE-A177,Tennyson Armchair - Light Grey,3,
SR-COFEETABLE-NYSSA,Nyssa Coffee Table,17,
SR-AUBYN3SEAT-MEG23,Aubyn 3-Seater Sofa - Dark Blue,0,
SR-OTIMO-GREY-1,Otimo Bed,0,
SR-OTIMO-GREY-2,Otimo Bed,-1,
SR-ARMCHAIR1-CREAM,Arlo Armchair - Cream,5,
SR-TVUNIT-BLACK&WALNUT1,Alexis TV Unit - Black & Walnut,5,
SR-GREYDININGCHAIR,Set of 2 Ringwood Dining Chairs,2,
SR-LOUNGECHAIR5,Cyril Armchair - Grey,1,
SR-500mmDIABROWNSTRAPMIRROR,Piers Mirror - Brown,0,
SR-COFFEETABLE-WHITE1,Sierra Coffee Table,2,
SR-DININGCHAIR2,Set of 2 Ventura Dining Chairs - Teal,-3,
SR-DININGTABLE-GRACE,Grace Dining Table,4,
SR-CH0004,Orson Armchair,-2,
PR097,Oil Painting,0,
SR-CT0015,Ulla Side Table,12,
CT990,Tre Side Table,-1,
CH-2BED-SIDETABLE2,Marmori Side Table,16,
MR219,Leonardo Freestanding Mirror,25,
CROCT002,Croce Console Table,2,
P1706CT,Cedro Coffee Table,7,
MISCHA ARMCHAIR - FIN 2814,Mischa Armchair - Aegean,6,
SR-SC-DININGCHAIR1,Set of 2 Lucia Dining Chairs - Vintage Rust,3,
SR-CHESTOFDRAWERS-OLA,Ola Chest of Drawers,11,
SR-SC-LOUNGECHAIR1,Tennyson Armchair - Vintage Rust,0,
SR-COFFEETABLE-ANDER,Ander Coffee Table,18,
GH-DESKCHAIR,Fergus Desk Chair,39,
SR-AUBYN2SEAT-MEG23,Aubyn 2-Seater Sofa - Dark Blue,0,
SR-DEBONAIRE-ARMCHAIR-BLUSH,Debonaire Armchair - Blush,2,
MLD-CTABLE1,Mia Coffee Table,5,
SR-BLUEARMCHAIR,Robin Armchair,3,
MLD-ROUNDDININGTABLE2,Layla Dining Table - Large,-1,
SR-LOUNGECHAIR3,Claude Armchair - Beige,15,
SR-LOUNGECHAIR2,Claude Armchair - Blue,4,
SR-ARMCHAIR-MISCHA-ORANGE,Mischa Armchair - Orange,16,
SR-GUSTAV3SEAT-MEG,Gustav 3-Seater Sofa - Forest Green,1,
SR-SHOREDITCH-GREY-1,Shoreditch Bed,0,
SR-SHOREDITCH-GREY-2,Shoreditch Bed,0,
SR-SHOREDITCH-GREY-3,Shoreditch Bed,0,
SR-HACKNEY-PINK-1,Hackney Bed,-1,
SR-HACKNEY-PINK-2,Hackney Bed,0,
SR-SICILY-BED-1,Sicily Bed - Grey,0,
SR-SICILY-BED-2,Sicily Bed - Grey,0,
SR-CT0013,Etna Coffee Table,-3,
XENCT001,Xen Coffee Table,0,
P1318ET,Voltare Side Table,12,
SP16-73-1,Lunato Side Table - Walnut,0,
SP16-73A-1,Lunato Side Table - Grey Lacquer,-2,
SP16-76C,Luca Side Table - Grey,2,
SP16-76A,Luca Side Table - Blue,2,
CROSU001,Croce Shelving Unit,1,
MR221,Contorno Dressing Mirror,2,
SR-TABLE-OSSO-DIA1200,Osso Dining Table,1,
XENCT002,Xen Console Table,5,
SR-LAPTOPTABLE,Altin Side Table,48,
SR-BEDSIDETABLE-MILO,Milo Nightstand,-2,
SR-COD-MILO,Milo Chest of Drawers,0,
SR-DININGTABLE-ELOISE,Eloise Dining Table,-1,
SR-SIDEBOARD-ANGUS,Angus Sideboard,-1,
SR-LOUNGE-A179,Lawson Armchair - Light Grey,9,
,Tennyson Armchair - Dark Green,4,
SR-SC-LOUNGECHAIR4,Lawson Armchair - Grey,4,
SR-SC-DININGCHAIR2,Set of 2 Lucia Dining Chairs - Blue,8,
MXR-RT-003,Aria Side Table,56,
WH-SS-STOOL,Francis Pouffe - Green,8,
SR-ALBUS-DININGCHAIR,Set of 2 Albus Dining Chairs,14,
SR-SC-LOUNGECHAIR3,Lawson Armchair - Evergreen,4,
SR-DININGTABLE-VERONA,Verona Dining Table,15,
SR-ARMCHAIR-MISCHA-BISCUIT,Mischa Armchair - Biscuit,0,
SR-DININGCHAIR-A187,Set of 2 Ventura Dining Chairs - Grey,15,
MLP-COFFEETABLE1/MLP-COFFEETABLE2,Misto Hexagonal Nest Tables,7,
MLD-ROUNDDININGTABLE1,Layla Dining Table - Small,0,
SR-VENTURA-DININGCHAIR-GREEN,Set of 2 Ventura Dining Chairs - Green,17,
SR-BLACKFRAME500DIAMIRROR1,Piers Mirror - Black,-2,
SR-3SEATSOFA-HICKMAN,Hickman 3-Seater Sofa,0,
SR-CHAIR-MAGNUS,Set of 2 Magnus Dining Chairs,19,
,Hannah Armchair - COM,0,
,Bailey Armchair - COM,0,
,Luxe Package,0,
,Timeless Package,0,
,Urban Package,0,
SR-WESTMINSTER-KING-1,Westminster Bed - Cream,0,
SR-WESTMINSTER-KING-2,Westminster Bed - Cream,0,
SR-WESTMINSTER-KING-3,Westminster Bed - Cream,0,
SR-WINDSOR-KING-1,Windsor Bed - Grey,0,
SR-WINDSOR-KING-2,Windsor Bed - Grey,0,
,Hannah 3-Seater Sofa - COM,0,
,Oliver 3-Seater Sofa - COM,0,
,Bailey 3-Seater Sofa - COM,0,
SO001-AMIGO2,Amigo 2-Seater Sofa with Chaise - COM,-2,
,Brooklyn 2-Seater Sofa - COM,0,
,Pulse 3-Seater Sofa - COM,1,
,Manhattan 2-Seater Sofa - COM,0,
SO001-DUBLIN2,Dublin 2-Seater Sofa - COM,-1,
SO001-ADELAIDE3,Adelaide 3-Seater Sofa - COM,0,
PR563,Oil Painting,1,
PR109,Oil Painting,1,
PR096,Oil Painting,1,
XENTU001,Xen TV Unit,0,
LG160,Valini Table Lamp,6,
PD003,Scatola Pedestal - Natural Walnut,12,
PD002,Scatola Pedestal - Dark Walnut,2,
SP16-75,Risano Side Table - Walnut,1,
SP16-75,Risano Side Table - Grey,1,
SB019,Prisma Sideboard,0,
XXX1246,Phalaenopsis Flower Bowl,0,
MR200,Parrilla Wall Mirror,0,
LG931,Oscuro Table Lamp,0,
PR564,Oil Painting,1,
SP16-73A,Lunato Coffee Table - Grey Lacquer,2,
SP16-76B,Luca Side Table - Yellow,2,
CS036,Huxley Console Table - Light Oak,8,
SR-MIRROR-BLACKMETAL,Faustino Freestanding Mirror,0,
MR204,Falco Mirror,6,
CBATU001,Cuba TV Unit,3,
CBAST001,Cuba Side Table,0,
CBACT001,Cuba Coffee Table,6,
CROTU001,Croce TV Unit,6,
OF090-DO-F,Cantilever Desk,0,