Is white the new black, or is black the new white?

Stay on the safe side

Steer clear of the showy colour patterns and try for a more... timeless look. The classic and eccentric black and white fit out, makes simplicity the key principle - ensuring there is no need for masses of bright colours. Nothing conveys elegance quite like black and white. Don’t forget to add a stylish focal point to your living room, this may consist of a beautiful rug, a nice lamp, or maybe one of our Blocco Coffee Table (see picture above).

Make a statement

Let the light bounce off walls nicely by picking crisp white paint, this should make your rooms appear a little brighter and more voluminous. Purchasing mirrored furniture also contributes to the illusion of space by adding reflection to the room. Our own Prisma Sideboard would make for a fine addition to your living-room, or dining-room for that matter.

While also inserting black accents in the form of furniture and accessories (see our Nautilus Table Lamp in picture above).

Don’t forget the one rule

Do not use the same amount of black and white. How you adjust the proportion of B & W is strictly up to you, but a good tip is to always have one colour more dominant than the other. Don’t forget to adjust colour tones with hints of yellow, red or blue (see decorative cushions in picture above).

What do you think? Please do not hesitate to share some of your ideas with us. Feel free to come at our winter clearance sale to check out some of our exceptional offers on high-quality furniture!

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