Choosing the Best Carpet and Wood Flooring to Compliment your Furniture

'Transforming a house into a home...How do people do it? I look around and my home still feels like someone else's.'

The key ways to transforming a house into a home are the personal touches you add to make the space feel like your own, be it choice of décor, soft furnishings, furniture or flooring.

Two of the biggest investments you'll make in your home are in the furniture and the flooring, and it can be difficult to get these to work well together without one dominating the other.A Distinction Project

There are lots of factors to consider as well when buying these items, for example what room is it for, how much you want to spend, and what ambience you want to achieve.



1. The Modern/Minimal look

If you are seeking a contemporary feel, opt for a wooden floor that shows off the clean lines and sleek finish of your home. Dark wood creates a dramatic contrast with white gloss furniture in a large room, but lighter shades of wood flooring can help to create the same minimal feel without feeling that you're closing the room in and reducing the space if you are decorating a smaller room.

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2. Ultimate Luxury/Hotel Chic

The key to achieving this look in the home is to choose a neutral carpet with a thick pile, teamed with dark mahogany or walnut furniture. This works well in a bedroom or dining room, where you can play with soft beige or golden tones on the wall and team up with lots of gold/champagne accessories.



3. Family Friendly

Don't think you need to compromise on style to be family friendly! If cleaning up after children is an everyday occurrence in your household, you'll want to choose a floor which is really easy to maintain and look after, such as laminate. Wooden floors look great but they can be soft and easily scratched, they also require ongoing maintenance. Laminate floors come in many different colours and styles now, some offer the look of tiles or even a parquet floor effect, so choosing this easy-to-maintain option doesn't mean that you have to miss out on style.


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4. Classic/Traditional

Depending on the age of your house, a traditional wooden floor can be a wonderful addition to reflect the period in which your house was built. Real parquet or dark wood can work well in a hallway, or in a lounge with a statement rug on top. If choosing a dark floor then stay away from dark furnishings and décor as well, instead consider matching with a fresh green or taupe.

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5. Rustic/Country Feel

As well as being sleek and contemporary, wooden floors can also come with a more rustic feel, with knots and natural grain showing through the finish. If you are looking for a country feel then this type of wood works well, or traditional floor tiles can work well in a kitchen, particularly if you have an Aga and pine kitchen units.


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6. On Trend

If you are a keen trendsetter then don't be afraid to experiment how colour can work in your home. There are many different colour carpets and wooden floors available on the market, as well as some more interesting materials such as resins and different wood types like bamboo. A bright bold colour on the floor can work nicely with white or neutral furniture to bring warmth and a homely feel to a room.

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Top Points to Consider:

  • Wooden floors don't harbour dust or smells and so are easier to keep clean, however they are more expensive than other types of flooring.
  • Carpets have the best foot-factor, and feel luxurious under your feet; wooden or laminate flooring can be cold.
  • Wooden floors echo sounds whereas carpets work to absorb it, making it a good flooring choice for upstairs rooms in the house.
  • Carpets will require steam cleaning once a year to maintain the cleanliness, as it is impossible to lift all of the dirt and dust out with a vacuum alone.
  • Beware of selecting wood colours based on photos only! Make sure to see a sample in person, and make sure to get a current sample, as it can vary greatly from photos in catalogues and online.
  • Real wooden floors will change colour with sunlight and use, so think about how the colour of the floor may change over the next 5 or 10 years, and whether it would be in your budget to replace it.

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This post was written by Matt Wilson on behalf of Walton Flooring Centre, a family-run business providing quality carpets and laminates floors throughout the North West regions of the UK.

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