A little inspiration for your barnhouse conversion

With planning restrictions becoming more stringent throughout the UK as well as London house prices averaging £8000 per square meter, more and more people are turning towards building restoration as an alternative. Have a read of some of our helpful tips on how to turn your restored-house or barn into a home.

1. Learn to live in Harmony with your surroundings. You’re converting a barn within a glorious countryside landscape- so let some of that landscape in! Big windows and lots of light is key in keeping those dark corners away. Many converted barns have floor to ceiling windows doing just that, making you feel free and open to all sorts of possibilities.


2. Section areas: The beautiful thing about living in a converted barn is the vast amount of available open plan space- however, dividing it is also important for your everyday living. For one, mezzanine levels with glass banisters are great, not only do they add even more floor space but they also help to break the areas up without closing them off. Bedrooms and office at the  top, living room, kitchen, guest bathroom and bedrooms at the bottom.

Don’t forget to add dark sofas to contrast the light, rugs and coffee tables position in opposition to each other or at right angle to a wall or window are a great way to section off the living area and great for drinking in the view.

The kitchen dining area works well with an island in the middle and breakfast bar seats, creating a chill out space to have your morning coffee kick before you head out to face the day. Accent this area with pendulum lights (3 is the magic number) and a few accessories such as fruit bowls or flower arrangements and your kitchen will be complete!

While the Boudoir is a private place we shouldn’t ignore the aesthetics of the rest of the building. The carpet looks great in the bedroom alongside the rugs, bedding and throws to soften the look and make you feel right at home.  Natural neutral colours work best for the bedroom, freeing the mind of clutter, ready for a sleep so deep only the cockerel will wake you.

3. Finishing touches: Finishing touches add that homely feel. A splash of colour here and there help to brighten darker spaces. Flowers, candles, throws and furs will help soften the space. Whilst heavy wood dining tables and beautiful feature lights act as the main show stoppers.

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