Thrill Inducing Design

A hotel for real thrill seekers.

Companies in the hotel design industry are in a constant battle to provide a thrill for their many guests in any way possible. This constant pursuit garners investment of increasing magnitude as competition grows between hotels to provide that little rush of adrenalin when guests enter a room.

It seems like one hotel got the memo and then decided to take it one further. Not only would I feel a rush of adrenalin when entering this quite spectacular hotel room, perched in solitude half way up Mont Blanc, but as I proceeded to edge my way to the front facing window worrying all the while that I am about to unwittingly re-enact the ending scene from The Italian Job, I would probably have a large coronary as I looked out over the edge of a sheer cliff down below. However it is such a unique proposition that one cannot help but gaze in sheer admiration at the design feat achieved here.

This hotel is a marker put down, raising the bar for all of us. Time to up our game....

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