Belated Holiday Break?

Beating the crowd and enjoying your bank holiday a week later?
Or just having another long weekend because you can?!...well here are some tips for your weekend getaway to ensure you have a good wind down whilst exploring some sights.


1. Book ahead your requirements.

Ask, don’t be shy. Check what is to be expected at your forthcoming hotel regarding your arrival via their website, if they haven't stated the expectations or not everything you require is listed, then ring ahead and ask.  Here are some requirements you might expect in order to enjoy a cosy, relaxing getaway (especially if you are treating a partner or friend) 

Refreshed tea, coffee, biscuits
Music facility in the room
Toiletries provided
TV with as many channels as possible
Sofas and armchairs in the room with blankets/throws
Magazines or reading materials provided… etc etc

2. Culture Vulture intentions?

But never get round to preparing an itinerary? Well HearPlanet (Lite): Audio Guide to the World (mobile app) will help inform you on what is good to see and where to go in your local area. HearPlanet finds the lesser-known spots and guides you along – via their advanced mapping engine – to find global coverage of over 300,000 locations.

Also check out top tips of the destination you’re travelling to on Google. You’ll be surprised how useful top tips can be.Dior Suite St Regis NYC


3. Photo frame service

Why not have a framed photo of your loved ones in your hotel room by sending a photo in advance. This might not be for everybody but for those that travel a lot and away from their families frequently, this is a great service to help those who long to feel closer to home. Not all hotels have this as an available service however, it may become more popular if hotel goers realised this was a possibility.

A Distinction Project

4. Eat with the locals vs hotel dining

If you’re travelling to a location you’ve never eaten authentically before or looking to try something new in the area why not try Local Eats, this app features independently-owned restaurants and local places only.  You’ll find no run-of-the-mill, national chain restaurants here.  


A Distinction Project


 5. Last but not least…

 Ensure you check the reviews on respected websites such as TripAdvisor, as well as the hotel site you’re booking it on.

Ensure you check for small print or contact the hotel in case they’ve planned any renovation works due to the out-of-season period. Arriving to a construction site can always put a dampener on any stay.



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