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Distinction Projects

Obtrusive radiators can be a real nightmare when creating the vision of a room’s potential.  You may have all the ideas for a complete design transformation but there’s a constant jarring when you remember the unwanted (but needed), undesirable radiator in the room. The most obvious way to disguise radiators is to put them under the floor, simple! But expensive for both short and long periods. Underfloor heating isn't for everybody especially if you’re not looking to renovate or build a home anytime soon.

However, here are some cost effective, stylish and alternative ways to ensure no more ugly, obtrusive radiators but an addition of sizzling heat to the room’s design.


1. Vertical radiatorsDistinction Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                         They're an amazingly subtle design using free space in the room. The vertical method, adds both texture and colour to the wall - whether you choose to blend the colours of feature the radiator by using contrasting colours.





2. Lattice pattern
Utilise the space of the windowsill. Create a bigger window feature with a boxed radiator with a delicate and designer style. This lattice radiator cover has a subtle hint of glitter jewel with the use of a diamante design - a highly disguised radiator for a deluxe feel. Your guests will be stunned it’s a radiator.Distinction Projects


3. Reflect with your radiator using a simple mirrored finish.  A vertical radiator + mirror, are a great way of utilising space, enlarging the space and illuminating light around the room. These radiators are a great way of creating a statement in your home - they are bold, but at the same time a modest feature to have in any living area.
Distinction Projects



 Distinction Projects  




A special addition
you can add to your mirrored vertical radiator is to make it into a feature piece/ sculpted artwork. Something with a little pizazz that will make your guests swoon over it's simple masterpiece.

Talking of mirrored radiators why not make your radiator into a mirror. Two-in-one! Be radiant when you check yourself in the mirror.

4. Radiator Covers. 
The various designs you can have are amazing. Ensure to match the design with your room. If your room is glitzy then a beaded effect may go nicely. If your room is black and white maybe go with a black cut out design. If your room’s beige and plain, potentially go with a blended in design or contrasting, loud feature piece for the room.

5. Panel covers for radiators - another multitude of fab designs to choose from.








"Radiators, be they Victorian in style or ultra-modern designs, no longer have a 'humble' status within a room; they are now an essential centrepiece that serves a functional purpose as well as being a stylish accessory to complement any interior."


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