An Ode to the Humble Sofa

Imagine yourself curled up in your living room, it is raining outside water thundering on the roof. In front of you on your coffee table your candle flickers with the draught from the door. The light from the television flashes, your favourite film, whilst the steam from your hot mug of tea dances across your face.

A lovely image, and for many of us the idea of our perfect evening in. This image is synonymous with sinking into a big soft comfy sofa and covering ourselves with a luxurious blanket, and why shouldn't it be?

Your sofa is one of the most comforting and relaxing places in your home. You share so many great moments with your sofa and so in that spirit we thought we would pay tribute to the humble prince of your living room.

A beautiful comfortable sofa can make any room cosy, just as this Loop & Co sofa does in the image above. Curl up under the blanket and sink into it's big soft cushions. 


The stand out piece in this room? Obviously the beautiful Chesterfield inspired Vincent Sofa by Loop & Co. The perfect accompaniment. 


A smaller sofa for a smaller room, but no less important. Accessorised with some scatter cushions to match the design scheme.

A living room isn't a living room without some big important looking sofa. Imagine the conversations taking place over a bottle of wine, or three, guests comfortably reclining into the large welcoming cushions. 

And so with that, an ode to the humble sofa. The best friend you have in your living room, with you through good times and bad.  

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